I really haven’t been writing

I really haven’t been writing here much lately have I? I’m only writing
here now because I don’t feel like working on my Women Writers of the Middle
Ages paper. It’s due tomorrow…about 6 pages. She said length doesn’t really
matter though. It’s only a first draft. I just finished the Introduction
for my Zoology scientific paper. It took me about 3.5 hours to write one
paragraph. There’s a week and a half until spring break and I’m much looking
forward to it. This week is HACC’s spring break so that’s why I don’t have
my archeology class tonight. I’ll have to go to it though during my Millersville
spring break.
After tomorrow the weather forecast for here looks great.
Upper 40s, 50s, and even 60s! If it actually follows that, it will be wonderful.
Winter has lasted forever this year. I’m doing okay on my no sugar diet.
I’ve been pretty much following it except for the Wendys on Saturday and
the Denny’s cheese fries on Monday. If it was just candy I had to avoid I’d
have no problem (for the most part anyway). It’s the avoiding white bread
and pototoes and such that sucks the most.