werewolf story

Today in Women Writers of the Middle Ages we were supposed to spend 30 minutes writing a story about a werewolf. It had to involve the werewolf, a person betraying the werewolf because they couldn’t deal with their animal nature, and the werewolf being reintroduced to society (we just read Bisclavret in Marie de France).

At first I had a hard time coming up with something..but then the first line came into my head. I thought it was sort of silly but decided to go with it. The lines just kept coming after that.

Here’s my story:

Once upon a time lived a man and a woman in a house by the sea. They had three children and successful careers. The man was a history professor at a local college. At least once a month he would spend the night at the college. He told his wife he was doing research those nights. One such night their son had an accident on his bike and had to be taken to the hospital. The woman tried to reach her husband at his office but there was no answer. Their son was in critical condition and would possibly not survive the night. The woman called a friend of hers to go try to find her husband at the college. The friend asked the few people that she saw there if they knew where he was but they said they hadn’t seen him all evening and had last seen him leave the building around sunset. The friend reported this to the woman. Towards morning, their son passed away. The woman went to the college to look for her husband. She found him asleep on the couch in his office with leaves and twigs in his hair. She woke him up and coldly informed him what had happened the night before. She then demanded to know where he had been. He stared at her in shock, then realized he had no choice but to tell her the truth. He told her that each full moon he turned into a wolf. He would go into the nearby forest and stay in a cave where he had built a cage. The cage could only be opened through a combination lock which he could not operate as a wolf. This kept him from eating anything while a wolf. The woman refused to believe his story; she believed he must have been meeting a woman in the woods. He begged her to believe him and offered to show her the cave and cage. She agreed, expecting he would be unable to. But he led her straight there and showed her the cave and the cage in it. He even told her the combination and showed her how to work it. She finally believed him but she could not accept the fact. She blamed him for their son’s death. If he had been around she believed it never would have happened. She saw the son’s death as being punishment for her husband’s condition. But she hid it from the husband and pretended everything was normal between them. The next month, however, on the full moon her husband called to say he was staying at the office. She had previously laid out a plan. At midnight a group of men appeared at the cave. They shot a tranquilizer dart at the wolf and removed the wolf from the cage. They took him to a laboratory where they did extensive studies on the man over the next few months. Finally, they finished and released him. He returned to his house to find that his wife and children no longer lived there. He returned to his college to find that he had been replaced. He was left with nothing. He went back to his house, walked into the sea, and was never seen again.

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