I picked up my textbooks

I picked up my textbooks for Zoology and Women Writers of the Middle Ages. They came to $179. I still have to buy the ones for Plant Systematics but I have to wait until class. I was looking through the Zoology Lab Manual and I have to dissect a squid, clam, crayfish, and a rat. I don’t mind the first three (not that much anyway…I’m not big on dissection). But a rat?

My books for the Women Writers of the Middle Ages are: Memoirs of a Medieval Woman, The Woman Troubadours, Women in the Middle Ages, The Selected Writings of Christine De Pizan, and The Lais of Marie de France (which I already own from Arthurian Literature last spring).

  • oo, that means you’re going to see the Squid Giant Axon. I got that damn axon pummeled into my brain all during biopsych. stick your tongue out at it for me, if you don’t mind! *hugs*

  • marie de france is cool! i like “eliduc.”

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