Alabama: no Alaska: not

Alabama: no
Alaska: not yet. i’d love to see the glaciers there
Arizona: yes, i visited relatives there with my grandmother when i was about 5
Arkansas: i think i was
California: twice so far. my brother and his family lived there when he was in the air force
Colorado: once, to visit krissy
Connecticut: no
Delaware: yes, been to the beach there a lot
District of Columbia: yep been there a few times
Florida: no
Georgia: yes
Hawaii: no
Idaho: no
Illinois: i think i had to change planes in chicago once
Indiana: no.
Iowa: no
Kansas: no
Kentucky: yes.
Louisiana: no
Maine: yes, my aunt and uncle used to live there
Maryland: tons of times
Massachusetts: no
Michigan: no
Minnesota: no
Mississippi: no
Missouri: hopefully in january
Montana: no
Nebraska: no
Nevada: when i visited my brother in ca
New Hampshire: drove through
New Jersey: yep
New Mexico: yep
New York: yep. went to college for a few months there and been to nyc and long island a few times
North Carolina: yep.
North Dakota: no.
Oklahoma: no
Oregon: no
Ohio: no
Pennsylvania: i live there :p
Rhode Island: no
South Carolina: lots of times
South Dakota: no
Tennessee: might have driven through it
Texas: no
Utah: no
Vermont: drove through it
Virginia: lots of times
Washington: no
West Virginia: yep to visit blair and we used to go camping there
Wisconsin: no
Wyoming: no

Outside the US: just canada

Canada: twice to niagara falls

total u.s. states : 23
total countries : 2, including us
continents : 1