You know, I haven’t posted

You know, I haven’t posted anything about my life in here lately.
While I do that often, I’m usually posting it somewhere else. Now I’m not.
You can all blame Joe :) I just tell him everything now instead.
So, first
off, work. I became third key and then become not third key all the space
of a few days. It was through no fault of my own that I am no longer third
key. The third key didn’t bother coming into work Friday and never has anyway
to get to work and didn’t call until Saturday night. So, Saturday Joe (non-boyfriend
Joe), asked if I wanted to be third key since he didn’t expect to hear from
her. I said yeah, they gave me the keys, and then she called Sat night. So,
now I’m not.
Second, school. I decided I’m def. going to do a biology minor
since I’ll still be able to graduate on time with it (fall 2004). This spring,
assuming I can get into them all, I’m taking Chem 2, concepts of zoology,
plant systematics, intro to archeology (through hacc), and women writers
of the middle ages. I can register for my millersville classes nov. 14 and
my hacc one nov. 4. grades: i got a 74.5 on my historical geology midterm,
but i’m not concerned b/c i know i can kick ass the second part of the semester
b/c we’re doing stuff i’m actually interested in. speaking of kicking ass,
i’ve been doing that lately in chem. on the last quiz, i got 9.5/10. i’m
waiting to get the second exam back, which will be on tuesday, but i really
think i did good on it. and now, i must be off to walk through the rain
to chem lecture.