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This was posted on a yahoo group that I’m on and I really liked it.

Good Morning!
I just wanted to share my story for the day…

We had our door open this morning and a katydid hopped in. One of
the girls in here absolutely freaked and wanted to kill it right away
(you know, if it’s not human, then it should be destroyed… Really
aggravates me, but that’s another story). Anyway, I found a couple
of websites on the katydid and showed her more information on it… I
told her that katydids are extinct and she could get in BIG trouble
for killing them (granted, that’s just the Santa Monica Shieldback
Katydid, but what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her – or the poor
little insect). She ended up cradling it in a napkin and “setting it
free” as she called it…

I really hope this sunk in with her and she’ll think twice about
killing another poor little insect…

You know, a lot of people think that the rights of living things end
with mammals and sea life. People kill bugs all the time out of fear
and don’t even think twice about it. I’m not out to champion a new
cause or anything, but it really bothers me that some people have so
little regard for another life, no matter what size the body may

The other week, we went miniature golfing with two friends of ours.
Around the 18th hole, we saw a GIANT spider web (it was beautiful!)
with the largest spider I’ve seen in a long time. Our friend picked
up his golf club and held it over his shoulder like a bat and started
to swing at this poor creature – I flipped. I’ve never once in all
the years I’ve known him yelled at him before, but that was the
first. He said, “well, I have arachnophobia” (like it’s a disease),
and I said to him, “Then just walk away – this is HIS space!” I was
so mad.

I’m not saying that I want bugs crawling all over my house, my things
or anything. But sometimes they take a wrong turn and they wind up
in our spaces – they never claimed to be navigational geniuses…
Instead of ending their little lives, I wish people would just return
them to where they belong…

That said, I have to admit that we ARE open to having the house
sprayed for termites and ants when we need to. Does that make me a

Okay, that’s just my thought for the day. Thanks for being

Blessed Be,