I’m updating from school, for

I’m updating from school, for once. I had a few minutes between anthropology
club meeting and when I have to be back for historical lab. Heather, who
I usually hang out with during this time, isn’t here. It’s strange to be
using an imac again. I really need to get the code to get into the earth
science study room. They have really nice computers in there with huge screens.
Anyway, I’m having a good day. Actually got about 8.5 hours sleep last
night. Found a close parking spot right away (rare on tuesdays). I went to
get a drink before class and they actually still had green tea. At the anthro
club meeting we talked about our “night out” thing. Each club has to do an
event on a friday or saturday night from 10 pm – 2 am. Ours is Nov. 1 so
we’re doing a Day of the Dead festival. We’re coming up with a lot of cool
ideas. Gotta walk across campus now. And yay Buffy’s on tonight!