I’m here at school. again.

I’m here at school. again. on an imac in the student center. Just
finished lunch. Don’t have lab till 1. Field lab. Outside. Hot out. Can’t
form complete sentences today. Err. Anyway. Wednesdays suck suck suck.
Up at 7:30. Class from 10-10:50. Lab from 1-4. Drive home in traffic. Go
home. Eat. Go to speech class from 6:30 – 9ish. Go home. Day over. Tired.
Today isn’t too horrible even though I’m extremely tired and still sick.
I got a 9.5/10 on my last structural quiz and 5/5 on the first problem set
(almost everyone else only got 4.5). Go me. Maybe I can really be a geologist.
Now I get to go read or something. Too much time to kill. Maybe I’ll walk
around campus or something. Everyone else has class now. Ugh.