Wow, a real lj entry!

Wow, a real lj entry! Been awhile. My mind is frazzled and so is
my body. I’ve been sick the past week and am severely behind in schoolwork.
I have my first mythology test tomorrow but before I can begin studying for
that I have to finish the last two 1 page essays to turn in at the test.
I’m almost finished. So tonight I have that test to study for, plus a structural
geology quiz tomorrow (haven’t read that chapter yet either) and a structural
lab report for the lab from the week before last. Then for another day I
have my structural lab report from last week to do plus a set of problems
to do for that class that’s due sometime this week. I also have to read 6
chapters for speech on Wednesday. Not to mention how horribly behind I am
in chem. We had a test last Tuesday. I’m afraid to get it back. I didn’t
study as much as I should have because I first started feeling sick the day
before it. This semester is a lot more work than spring semester was.