There was a terrible car

There was a terrible car
on the highway I use to get home from Millersville and
not too much farther up the road from where my exit is. I heard about it
on the radio on the way home. Traffic wasn’t backed up yet, so it didn’t
affect me at all. It just scares me. The section of the road it was on was
the road I was just on last Wednesday when I went to the doctor’s. It was
right near the exit I used when I worked at the skating rink. What happened
was that there had been an early accident that was being cleared. Traffic
was stopped and a tractor trailer didn’t stop in time. Somehow, the cab of
a pickup truck ended up underneath the rear tires of another tractor trailer.
The driver was killed instantly. One other person also died. I accidently
saw the pictures on tv of the accident. Seeing that truck like that was truely