Newest LJ hotties added to

Newest LJ hotties added to the friends list:
LJ’er who needs to be posting more: dreamingaloud (i miss you mel!)
Most well written journal: discountsatori
Best LJ racks: moonborn
LJ couple
that make me want to puke (but in a good way) cause of their oozy gooey loveness:
kashi & subsound90
The “I cannot believe
a boy this nice has no girlfriend” award: geekish
The “I
cannot believe a girl this sexy isn’t taken” award: fragilehearted

LJer whose posts I wish I had experienced: allegria
who I want to get to know better: fragilehearted, temoto, ambrosiangel
LJer who inspires me: winterspark
LJer with incredible talent: dixey
with the most strength: crystalina
Friend on LJ I’ve known
longest: kashi
Best Friend: crystalina
with the coolest pet: winterspark