I went out to dinner

I went out to dinner with my parents tonight. We were going to go
to Outback but there was a huge wait. So we went to Ruby Tuesdays. Ruby Tuesdays
is in the same shopping center as the bookstore I worked at. In case you
forgot, I worked at the store from July 2001- March 2002. I adored working
there for the most part, until Joe become mananger. Anyway, the space where
the store had been wasn’t occupied afterwards…until now. I about had a
heart attack when I saw it. Same sign up as before, similiar stuff painted
on the windows…I was sure it was the BookMarket back again. But I had to
suffer through dinner before I could find out. I could barely wait. So we
finally go there…and it was the BookMarket! I was shocked. I hadn’t expected
it to return to the same town, much less the same store. So I browse around
for awhile, then I heard voices coming from the little office. One of them
sounded strangely familiar…it was Joe’s voice. I couldn’t believe it. It
was like total deja vu. So I walked around some more. I found a book on the
wooly mammoth that I had been eyeing in stores for awhile but couldn’t afford
(and it was only $5 instead of $26 there!). When my parents and I went to
check out Joe was standing at the counter. So I said “Hey Joe!”. He was surprised
to see me. Then he told Betty Jo (field supervisor whom I hadn’t met before)
that I had been the assistant manager when it was there before. She asked
if I wanted to work there again, part-time, third key (my original position
before I was assistant manager). I said I could only work Fri-Sun. She said
they’d have to see, it might work out. So Joe took my phone #. Then a little
chatter. I mentioned I was going to Millersville now. Joe said he lived
in Millersville now. That was another shock. It’s like…woah. He’s commuting
from there up here every day and I’m coming from here down there every day.
I wonder if I’ve ever passed him going the other way on the highway. So
I’m torn about whether I want to work there again or not. It’s back because
it did so well at Christmas. And that’s cool. But I think it will be rather
sucky if they drag it out three months after Christmas like before. The store
was dead, we weren’t getting any new books, it was so boring. Joe won’t be
the manager, he’s training to be a field supervisor, so that’s good. I don’t
think they have a manager yet. If only I wasn’t going to school. I could
have been the manager before when Amanda left if I hadn’t been going to school
then either. The two girls who were working there looked nice. One I think
went to my middle school. I didn’t really know her, but she was nice. If
they ask to work there I’m not going to say no. However, if they don’t ask
me I think that will be okay too. 20% discount was wonderful though…