My last post here was

My last post here was August 12. Almost exactly two weeks ago. Tomorrow
is my first class at Millersville. I’m nervous. New school. If I was just
going back to Hacc, I wouldn’t be as nervous. I’m nervous about parking.
I’m nervous about traffic. I’m nervous about finding my class okay. Oddly
enough, I’m not too worried about my classes themselves. I’m worried about
making friends there. I’m worried about eating lunch there on Tuesday. I’ll
be older than most of the kids there, but I don’t look it. Not much older
but I’ll still know that I should have graduated last spring.
I only have
one class tomorrow. One 50 minute class. Geology 321. Structural Geology.
It’s a 50 minute drive both ways to there. I couldn’t make anything else
fit into my schedule though so that I would have another Monday class and
still have Fridays off. I’m so glad I’ll have Fridays off. I wouldn’t care
if I did or not if it wasn’t for the 50 minute drive. It will be odd having
the same professor for two classes in one semester. Professor for structural
geology is also my professor for historical geology. Plus he’s my advisor.
I suppose I should make an appointment sometime to be advised. My backpack
is all set to go. My parking tag is hanging in my car. I haven’t decided
what to wear yet tomorrow.