I upgraded my ram today from 128 to 384. My computer uses rdram instead of sdram and is a lot more expensive. for instance, 512 of sdram ram costs about $100. the same of rdram costs $300. My computer can hold up to 2 gigs of ram, but it would cost me about a $1000 to upgrade to that.

I haven’t gotten any unemployment checks since the first week of June. I was getting $398 a week but then they lowered it to $162 a week. However, since they lowered it I haven’t recieved a check. I’ve called twice and the last time (today) they said that now some other people have to look at it because I’ve been overpaid and then they’ll send me a letter. There is no way I can pay them back if they decide I have to because they overpaid me $4000 and that all went towards bills. And if they take it out of my current weekly amount, I won’t be getting anymore checks even though I’m supposed to get unemployment until the end of September.