I was so pissed off

I was so pissed off at my statistics professers after the test today.
We take the tests individually in the testing center at the school, on computers.
Every single question had a typo, or a misspelled word. One question had
the wrong word somewhere. It was something like “negative affect of amount
of homework…what would the amount of negative be called?” i assumed they
meant the amount of homework, not the amount of negative, given the choices
for the answer. And on one question they said to find P(A U B). As far as
I know, and my book says, there is no such thing as P(A U B). I was thinking
they meant P(A | B) but for all I know it could have been P(A or B) or P(A
and B). After all, U isn’t anywhere near |. Edit: U does exist, but it’s
not in the book. It’s the symbol for “or”. They’re not going to count that
on the test. (yay! cuz I probably got it wrong). (girl stuff now) And then
my gyno office calls. I have to go in to be retested because the place they
sent it to can’t do it with the kind of culture medium the gyno used. So
why the heck would they send it to that place in the first place? It’s not
like I have insurance and it has to go a certain place. So I have to go back
on July 31 and have all that fun over again. Not to mention that it hurt
like hell last time and I felt horrible the rest of the day.