There was a message on the answering machine today from HACC. My fall Physics I course was cancelled. I had been looking forward to taking physics (yes, I know I’m weird) and I can’t fit any other physics class into my schedule. I decided to take Speech and World Mythology. I’ve been wanting to take a mythology course for awhile. It’s another video course though. I wish the internet one wasn’t full, but it is. The videos might even be interesting. The geology ones sort of were, but the narrator had the most annoying hand waving habit. Speech is on Wednesday from 6:30-9:45. It’s through HACC, but it’s at my high school. That will be very strange, going to my high school for a college course. But my high school is only 5 minutes away, opposed to 20 min to HACC. That’s very good. I wish I didn’t have to take speech. Actually, it’s called Effective Speaking. I figure that it shouldn’t be too bad, taking it at night off-campus. You won’t have a lot of the jerky immature people there.