Tomorrow at 11am I’m taking

Tomorrow at 11am I’m taking my first statistics test. I’m nervous. I got an 83 on the first quiz.

I don’t like that it’s a computerized test. What’s the point of taking it on campus if it’s a computerized test? Wouldn’t it be easier just to make it a paper test? I never end up taking computerized tests seriously. Computers are for play, not for test-taking.

I need to take this test seriously though. It’s worth 100 pts. Our project is worth 50, quizzes are worth 75, the second test is worth 100, and the final is worth 175.

I need to study. I guess I’ll just read through my notes and through the chapter summaries. I don’t know how to study for this sort of test. I know I don’t have the patience to do any more sample problems.

One other thing. It would have been nice if the other members in my group had actually contributed stuff to the project. I was the only one who posted anything. The first project draft is due along with the test. This is why I hate group projects.