I’ve been feeling very strange

I’ve been feeling very strange lately. Some of that may have to do with lack of sleep. I stay up till about 12:30 or 1:00 reading. Finally fall asleep about 2:30. Wake up about every hour. Finally get up between 10-11:30. This has been going on for about the past three weeks. It rather sucks.

I think another part is because I’m not going to class, strange as that may sound. Not that I really want to go to class next week. Maybe if it was something other than Calc I would. I’m so used to either going to class or going to work that doing neither seems wrong. I feel unstructured.

I was looking through some of my photos tonight. The ones I have in my photo box. I’m not sure where my photo albums are. In the box are all the pictures I’ve taken of guys. It was very weird to look at the guys I’ve dated. It seems so long ago. Like in another life. Or even in someone else’s life.