i saw that the new

i saw that the new version of movabletype is out, the mysql based one, but i can’t upgrade because i can’t connect to my ftp because my !(*&%#(*%& server sucks. right now my site will load, but the ftp won’t connect. earlier my site wouldn’t even load. they’re supposed to be moving a bunch of people off the server tonight, so maybe it will be a little better tomorrow. i don’t think mine is going to be moved, even though i had requested to be moved before they decided on this mass move. it’s every domain a-k.

i also wanted to work on “The Society for Harry Potter” page. I made a graphic for it. I think I’m going to try using pmachine, just cause i haven’t tried that one yet. Or I might use movable type. Haven’t decided. So it’ll be a blog type format, but I’d like to have other pages than the blog. We can discuss other harry potter things, aside from the stupid people, but I’d like to concentrate on that.