dinosauria.ws is finally up and

dinosauria.ws is finally up and running. I don’t have the movies, images, or trading card sections up yet though. It’s done entirely in XHTML strict and CSS2. Ok, so just the front page is done that way :)

Fuzzydoodles *finally* transferred to me, so that’s up and running also. You’ll need to re-sign up for the notify list though. I should have updates there soon.

I need to make the travelogue for when I went to visit Blair. That’s one of the next things on my website “to-do” list. You don’t even want to know what’s all on that list.

I don’t think I’ll have too much time tomorrow to work on my sites. My parents and I are running to Millersville (another test run seeing how long it takes to get there using a different route). I want to stop at the school store while I’m there and get a window sticker thingy for the back of my car. I already have an RIT one there (no, I’m not about to put a HACC one on).

We’re also stopping at a used/rare bookstore (and custom furniture store too…how interesting). I was at their website and told them to put a book aside for me. It’s a 1972 first edition about sea monsters and real-life sea monsters. It’s going for $50 at most places online but they have it for only $12.

Then I have to watch the conclusion of the Buffy 2-parter at 8 tomorrow.

I got my cholestrol results back today. It was 198. Over 200 is high. Yipes. I’m going to have to *whimper* cut back on fast food. It’s genetic. My dad has extremely high cholestrol. The doctors have said his blood is like sludge when they do a blood test.

At 9 I’m going to watch “Seven Wonders of the World” on the History Channel while I work on the cross-stitch I’m making dad for father’s day. I can’t wait till Aubrey and I get our x-stitchers blog together.