cindy is…

So I had to go and do that google thing where you put “(your name) is” and search for that.

Here’s some of them:
Cindy is currently finishing up a combined history/pattern book on Crazy Quilts and
Cindy is a Man (2.08 MB)
Cindy is a genuine swinger that wants to meet you
Cindy is now working closely with public wastewater treatment facilities
Cindy is now three years old and she weighs about 200 pounds
Cindy is in seventh heaven while the adult cats are caressing her
Cindy is pursuing a solo career as well as her work with QUARTETTE, and
has just released her third album, “CINDY CHURCH” for the Stony Plain label
Cindy is frequently rumored to be bisexual, and having an affair with Christy Turlington
Cindy is a very busy lady
Cindy is well respected and adept at finding synergies between Sales and Marketing
Cindy is the only manufacturer of authentic piƱatas in Australia
Cindy is Banished!
Cindy is devoid of moral character
Cindy is a byproduct of herself
Cindy is an active playful rat terrier
Cindy is Anne Robinson
Cindy is the “standard.”

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