I’m getting so annoyed at CSS. This is the first time where I’ve had the problem of not being able to do what I want in it. I’m redoing the layout of right now. And I really like how it looks, but it only looks good in my resolution (1024×768). If you go lower or higher it looks messed up.

So that’s what I’ve been working on today, aside from taking a statistics quiz and eating popcorn while reading Reliquary. I should really update that currently thing more on here. Maybe I’ll make it a movable type include instead of part of the index page. I’ve been getting so lazy lately. If I can’t just update from my browser, then I just don’t update (for things like that…not for big things). That’s why I’m making andwedanced movable type based. I find myself not updating that because I don’t feel like opening a text file and uploading.

I have to study for my calc test that’s tomorrow tonight. I’m nervous. It’s the algebra part I have problems with, not the calc part. I hate algebra.

  • did you set widths of things as pixels or percentages? I think Aubrey does hers at % so they kind of stretch depending on the resolution. I prefer px cause I’m an anal controlling dork and want my websites to do my bidding exactly! ahaha!

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