80s: the best decade

80s: the best decade

aladdin: i’ve always thought he was so cute

anne of green gables: wonderful book that i just read for the first time last year

anne rice: i love her mayfair witch chronicles

annie hall: my favorite movie

aquariums: i love to look at the fishies

archeology: digging up stuff is cool

art: i used to always be drawing or painting something. what happened?

baby-sitters club: i still love these books

beach: one of my favorite places to be

biology: very interesting

books: i have way too many but never enough

bowling: i have two bowling balls

cats: i love my bookitty spencer

coloring books: are still fun

crafts: i love crafts

cross-stitch: something i’m usually doing

dean koontz: my favorite horror writer

digital cameras: i love mine

dinosaurs: need i say more?

disney: so adorable

dna: it’s what makes us who we are

duckies: quack quack

ducks: second only to cats

egypt: i plan to visit after i graduate

fantasy: a genre i’m just getting into

ferrets: cute, but smelly. mine is named ash.

film: i had once planned on going to school to be a director

games: i like to play them

genetic engineering: scary in some ways

geology: my major

ghosts: i’ve been into them since i was a kid

glaciers: amazing. if only they weren’t so cold.

halloween: my favorite holiday

harry potter: character in one of my favorite books

haunted houses: creepy

hermione granger: my favorite harry potter character

historical romances: i like to go back in time

j.k. rowling: she wrote the best series ever

jurassic park: cloning dinosaurs? nifty

lillian jackson braun: author of the “cat who..” mysteries series

loch ness monster: i’ve always liked nessie

mallards: the best kind of duck

men in black: i can’t wait for the sequel

mummies: old dead people. fascinating!

mythical creatures: an obession of mine

mythology: the background for my obsession

ocean: i like to look at it, but not really go in it

paleobiology: what i plan to get my doctorate in

paleontology: another interesting field

php: very useful scripting language

physical anthropology: another area of study of mine

programming: i like to code

rainbow fish: he’s so cute and shiny

rubbaducks: i have seven of them

rubber ducks: i like all shapes and colors

seahorses: very cool creatures

silly putty: i like to play with it

sirius black: he’s damn sexy

spyro: i love my spyro the dragon games

star-imbri: boards i post at

stephen king: his work was better when he was an alcoholic

stuffed animals: i have way too many

supernatural: spooky!

the little mermaid: my favorite disney movie

turtles: i have a mini-collection

v.c. andrews: i love these books

web design: something i do a lot

web sites: something i have too many of