today has been productive so

today has been productive so far.
i took my bio final. probably did horribly on it since i didn’t really study and couldn’t remember anything.
i was almost late to the final because of an ill-timed homeschooling convention at the farm show that i think everyone on the east coast was going to.
i got back my lab final and notebook: 95 and 92. yay!

stuff has been arriving from millersville almost daily.
i filled out all necessary forms and things today except the one that my doctor has to. i need to get a physical. ugh.
i have a transfer orientation on saturday june 22.
my parents put $200 in my MAP account (where you can use your school id like a debit card). i love that. it’s so convienant. i’m going to have to be eating lunches there a lot. i’m hoping it’s like at rit where you can even use them in soda and snack machines. i don’t like to carry cash on me.

on monday i buy my summer books. calc will be $120, stat will be $70.
this will be the 3rd college calc book i’ve bought. blah.

anyone know a good place to see your textbooks online?

thankfully, i’m feeling better than i did yesterday but still not that great.