that was hard. i didn’t

that was hard. i didn’t have a problem with it and knew most of the stuff, but it was a hard test.
he asked tricky questions (both a & b, all of them, none of them sort of ones).
there was a ton of detail questions.
it was about half the material of the other tests in a test the length of the other tests (85 questions).

even though i know i did well, i don’t think it was a fair test.

you know, when you sign up for 5 classes you don’t really think about the fact that you probably have to take 5 finals then.

at least i’ll only have 4 in the fall. 4 science ones!
eek. i think it finally hit me i’m taking only science courses in the fall.
it’s a damn good thing i love science.

3 more finals to go.