i’m so frustrated with these

i’m so frustrated with these stupid domain issues.
i gave up elusive.nu when it expired because i didn’t want to pay $60 for two years. which is fine, that was my decision and although i love the name, i don’t need it.
i didn’t get the email that sublimating.org was expired because i didn’t have the email address that was the contact email at that time. now i do (it was under brad’s mindspring account and it finally just became available again). so i get an email that it expired may 16. so i can’t transfer it to a new registrar and it’s registered through evil netsol and is $35 a year to renew. so now i have to wait for it to become available again. i won’t be broken hearted though if i don’t get to register it again.

but….fuzzydoodles.com is another matter. i actually *use* that name! i *want* that domain name! but aletia isn’t responding, the registrar it’s registered through isn’t responding…
i’m getting really annoyed about all that.