i like windows xp :)

i like windows xp :) it’s so pretty and bubbly.

i don’t feel like i’ve gotten much done today. i didn’t work at all on the computer stuff i need to finish installing, etc. i worked awhile on setting mailing lists up. the first one i tried (mailman) didn’t like being called from an include in a file. so now i’m using the one krissy uses but i still need to get one working for the mystical creature discussion list.

so there’s a new notify list for my journal. there’s also an entry up from yesterday there.

at about 4:30 we’re going out to dinner at bumper bob’s. my dad’s 57 today.

then at 8 is the 2 hour series finale for felicity. i’m anxious to know who she chooses. i have a feeling it’s going to be ben. i don’t like ben.

i haven’t work on statistics since monday. i should probably do that soon.