I just finished going through

I just finished going through my dresser drawers and got rid of the shorts that don’t fit me anymore (which was most of them…i haven’t gone through them in years). it was a bit depressing. i know i’ve mentioned this, but up until i started college, i never weighed over 100 lbs. then, in the past few years i’ve gained about 25 lbs. it sounds like a lot, but i’m finally in the “normal” weight range for my height. i weigh about 120 usually now. sometimes more, usually not less.

i’m happy with my weight (my muscle tone, however, is another story. i don’t really exercise at all right now). but it’s sad to hold up my size 1/2 shorts to my size 8 hips.
most of my shorts weren’t size 1/2 though. i only had one or two of those. some were 3s but most were 5/6s.