I have 4 geology labs

I have 4 geology labs to each, each with about 4 parts to them.
They are impossible to do. The book provides no explanation on how to do things. They ask you questions about things they never even discussed. They want you to label things they never even identified in the first place.
It is hard. I have had no problems with the textbook aspect of this course (physical geology) but no one, absolutely no one, in the class understands the labs and has gotten more than a b on any lab thing. It’s impossible. We only met for lab four times and the prof. didn’t really explain how to actually do the stuff during any of them.
I hate these labs.
I also have to review a little for my Phil of Sci final tomorrow. It’s going to be 4 essay questions and three are mostly opinion ones. He said that during it we should spend about a half hour writing each. I don’t want to write that much.