I got an A on

I got an A on my cloning paper and on my articles!
The final in that class was today at 9 am. It wasn’t too bad. It was 4 essay questions in a blue book. By the time I got to the last question I was sick of writing. So I just kinda stopped after writing a little bit. I think I did okay overall. I studied for maybe 5 minutes, but three of the questions you couldn’t really study for.

It was weird. The one question was on the paranormal stuff. I read the huge gigantic handouts he gave us while I was at work, back in late Feb. proabaly. I could picture myself standing at the counter reading it and I could actually recall what I read, during the test.

I finished first, after about an hour and 10 minutes. Then I went to sign up for classes. I freaked out for a few minutes because the actual schedule book didn’t list the Statistics internet course, but I asked and she said that they did have it. So I’m taking that and Calc this summer. Stats begins the 20 (12 week course) and Calc begins June 17 (8 week course). And I signed up for Physics (for engineers and science majors! joy!) for the fall. I got an email from my advisor saying that would be ok. Now I just have to find out about how that will affect my financial aid.

Plans for today:
Mail letters to Jade, Krissy, and Crystal
Mail HP card to someone in England
Finish Geology labs
Start to study for Anthropology final (tomorrow @ 5:30)
Watch Mists of Avalon