I finally got it to

I finally got it to work. I paid $14.95 to d/l a windows xp compliant decoder. i was desperate by that point.

my parents got a new air conditioner for my room today. it has a remote control. how cool is that?

my ferret’s cage really smells in the humidity. i need to do like crystal did with her bunnies’ cage and take it outside and wash it down.

in about 10 minutes i’m going to watch buffy. i reserverd the second season on dvd today. i didn’t get to watch it all this past season because of work and classes. tonight is the 1st episode from this past season.

i also got a new book at the mall. it’s the next is a nora robert’s trilogy that has witchcraft in it. i loved the first two. i’m afraid to start this one. i’ve been anxiously awaiting it since january. and then once i read it, i won’t have anymore in that series to read.