Today is like Christmas in

Today is like Christmas in April! Complete with drugs!
I got a package from Krissy with a mini red devil duckie, a reallllyyy great cd full of images, and a nifty letter.
I got a package from Mel with drugs! (no, not the illegal kind).
Thank you both so much! Mel, you have saved me a ton of $$.
And I got my order from amazon. “How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy” by Orson Scott Card that I read last year and loved, and Mysterious America by Loren Colemen.
Also, Mythical Beasts that I ordered from an Amazon marketplace. It is a really nice hardcover coffee table book and was only $7! I am impressed with how nice it is. I have two more books coming from amazon marketplaces and one from

I got my bio lab test back today. 105%! I missed no questions and got all the extra credit. I don’t think I did as good on my bio lecture test today though. I knew the last part of the test, but was a little sketchy on the first page or two. I think I did alright though.