(taken from cyn’s bio) “…

(taken from cyn’s bio)
“… little things like asking a bus driver where the bus stops or asking a salesperson in a store to help me find something. I would simply go without the information I wanted instead of asking for it like a normal person.”

I am so like that, but never really put it into words.

12 minutes till Sabrina’s on. I was supposed to work on my Harry Potter paper today but I didn’t. Don’t know why. Just didn’t.
I am so excited for the semester to be over so I can work on my websites.
I swear, the first week (aside from visiting Blair…whee!) I’m going to just work on my sites.
Then I’ll probably end up not working on them again after that till August.
But hopefully that won’t happen.

I’m just not even going to bother coding for Netscape 4 anymore. I know I said the other day that I was, but I’m having “fun” with CSS.