Okay. Well, it’s almost 5

Okay. Well, it’s almost 5 pm. What have I gotten done? Nothing. Except losing my bookmarks.
I added the ones I could remember.
All I really have to do tonight is work on my HP paper and do an article summary or two for the phil of sci notebook thingy.
Thank you, for the ideas on the HP/AL thing. You gave me some more stuff to think about.
I feel though like there’s more I have to do tonight. But I don’t think there is. I wrote out a schedule for every day until finals. Couldn’t hurt to read geology though if I get time.
Speaking of geology, yesterday he posted on the course website that the rock & mineral lab exam grades were posted. Mine wasn’t posted in my account, so I sent him an email. Haven’t heard back yet. I want my grade!
Tomorrow I get my anthro paper back.
Friday I get that #*&$* cloning paper back.
I’m nervous.

I’m also calling blair tonight to discuss my trip there!

I stopped at the used book store. I got about 15 BSC books or so. Spent $27. *sigh*. I now own all the Super Specials though!

Then I was so excited about finding them that I forgot to go to the post office. *sigh*
Must stop there after class tomorrow then.

Oh yeah. Earthlink emailed me back and said that the modem should get here Wednesday and I won’t be charged for any dial-up time until I connect with the DSL. That is very good.