lime flavored penises! last night

lime flavored penises!

last night was so much fun, talking to krissy, will, ely, crystal!

i’m so not used to staying up so late. i haven’t stayed up past three in a year. i didn’t get much done today, schoolwise. ok, i didn’t get anything done today. i didn’t get up till 12 then i went to see harry potter at 4. i tried to file my first biweekly claim for my unemployment today, but it says i don’t have an active claim! i can’t understand it! the woman told me to call today and i did fill out the claim form. they even called me. so now i have to deal with calling them tomorrow about it, but i don’t get out of class till 3 or 3:30. are they going to try and deny me unemployment now? without even notifying me? this just isn’t right. why can’t things ever just be easy and go right?

but i had such a good time last night!