it is so hot again.

it is so hot again. both today and yesterday we broke the record high. it’s 92 right now. it is way too hot to think to work on my papers. which kinda sucks because one is due tuesday and the other next friday. and my only real days to work on them are this sunday and next thursday (for the other one). i’m in good shape for the one due tuesday, seeing that it’s only a 3-5 paper. but the one due friday…ugg. i haven’t written a page of the 7-10 pages. i have no idea what to write. it’s anti-cloning of humans, but it would be so much easier to argue for it because all the info i’m finding supports cloning. i was planning on working on them tonight, but it is so hot! it’s only 80 in my room, which is cooler than the rest of the house, but still. and i just came home from running around.
my parents and i went to lunch at dennys. then we went to kohl’s and i got two shorts, and four shirts. one of the shirts is a care bear one and if i wasn’t so hot i’d take a picture to show you. another one says “kitty got claws” and has a kitty with it’s claws out. i hate buying pants or shorts. they do not fit. my hips are wide and my waist is small. nothing fits. i got woman’s petite 8 and they’re just right at the hips, but still a little baggy at the waist. grr.
then we went to ben franklins and i got a frame for my cross-stitch, which is finished except for the little bit of cording i have to add. but my x-stitch is 10×10 and they don’t make the “premade” frames in that size. so i got an 11×14 and some mat board. so i have to cut the mat board. but i’m too hot to do that too.
i’m hot.
at least though for my geology field trip tomorrow it’s supposed to be a high of 83. thank god.