i’d like to say happy

i’d like to say happy birthday to my man-ho, will!!!!!!!!!!!

it is so wonderfully nice out and i don’t want to do schoolwork!

i got crystalina’s package in the mail today!
that has got to be the prettiest duck i’ve ever seen! the shotglass is really nifty too :)
thank you! i love it!

i also got the last mystical creature book out of the 5 i ordered. i so want to update my site with them, but i just don’t have time. i am beginning to get freaked out about the amount of work i have to do yet.

in other good news, i am getting the $400 a week from unemployment! i think it’s definate anyway. i’ll be getting the first check this week. so i’ll be getting $400 a week for 6 months for doing nothing! how cool. i won’t have to work till like november. i could probably stretch my savings out till fall semester is over, even. that would be ideal.

i got a 98 on my bio lecture exam! i wasn’t sure if i was going to get a A, because i wasn’t sure of the answers on the first two pages. funny though, the four that i missed were from other pages on questions i thought i knew.

i get my anthropology test back tomorrow. unfortunately, he doesn’t give extra credit like my profs do in biology and geology. without the extra credit, i would have gotten a 94 on my bio test.