i should have started working

i should have started working on my paper about four hours ago…oops.
i have 3 more pages to write before tomorrow and 5 hours to do it…minus an hour for survivor.
i think the fact that he extended the due date till next friday instead of tomorrow is what’s making me put it off so much. but i need to do it tonight and turn it on tomorrow because i just have no other time to finish it.

what did i do instead?
i worked on the baby-sitters club blog i’m going to run with crystal. it’s finished except for the comments and archive templates.
and i talked with the wonderful krissy for awhile too.
then i did one of the 7 article summaries i have yet to do…but this was a good thing. schoolwork.

i’ve been on aim a lot more lately. i’m actually enjoying it. getting to talk to lots of cool people.