i. am. so. tired. i

i. am. so. tired.
i had to get up at 6:30 for my geology field trip. normally, the earliest i get up is 8, on m,w,f. no matter how early i go to bed, if i have to get up before 7:30 i just do not feel right.
the trip was…ehhh.
it rained during part of it and we had to go look at stuff in the rain.
it was about 88 degrees today.
at least we had an air-conditioned tour bus.
we went to a landfill and gettysburg battlefield and some other thing. we ate lunch at denny’s. the bus was an hour later getting there in the morning. we were supposed to be back at 4:30, but we didn’t get back till 6:15. by then i was tired, hungry, thirsty, wet, and sticky.
i was afraid i wouldn’t have anyone to sit with, since it’s the video course and i don’t know any of them well, but this girl rachel and i sorta ended up hanging out all day. we sat together on the bus and ate lunch together. and we talked for awhile, but after lunch we didn’t say much because we were both dead on our feet.
there was this other girl on the bus, who sort of reminded me of me. she sat by herself and read a book and just really kept to herself. but then she also talked to the teacher and dressed really conservativly. in the way you don’t see anymore. long plain green skirt, printed button down long-sleeved shirt, nylons, and flat brown shoes.
i got a letter from lehigh university saying i’d been rejected. it rather annoyed me, even though i had decided not to go there. not because i was rejected (although i wasn’t pleased) but because originally they weren’t supposed to mail an answer till they got my mid-semester grades. but before it was even mid-semester they sent me something saying they wanted my final semester grades. now apparently they’re not even waiting for that. what is up with that? if i had still wanted to go, that would be so not fair because i’m getting straight a’s so far.
i’m still waiting to hear from millersville. has to be soon.