i am procrastinating writing my

i am procrastinating writing my papers. of course.
i cannot stay up late anymore. the past two nights i went to bed early (for a weekend). 11 on friday and 12 last night. i got up around 10 both today and yesterday.
i really want to make a new layout. but i really got to write those papers.
we saw the scorpion king friday. it wasn’t that bad, for what it was.
it’s cold today. and rainy. makes me almost miss the 90 degree weather. almost.
why can’t it just be nice out? although, i probably really wouldn’t want to work on my paper then.

since i will probably be living at home awhile longer, i’m thinking of getting a high-speed internet connection again. we had verizon dsl in the old apartment. it was always not working and being stupid. i’d like to try a cable modem, but there’s no cable line running into my room. so i’m thinking of maybe trying earthlink dsl. i currently have my internet connection with them. it would be $49 a month, no installation, equiptment, or activation fee.
what do you think?