1. How tall are you?

1. How tall are you?

5’3″ (i’m so short compared to you all)

2. If you could own one thing that hasn’t been invented yet, what would it be?

a money tree

3. One year in prison for something you didn’t do or say you did it to get a year’s probation?

i’d say i did it

4. Do you believe human beings are instinctually monogamous? Why?

no, not really. only the lesser primate species are.

5. Describe the immediate area surrounding your computer.

oh boy. let’s see. it’s a corner desk, black with brown wood tops. it’s got a 2 story shelf thing to the left and a one story one to the right. the one on the right has on it:
my scanner, two ducks from crystal, duck painting by dianne, flag sticker from robin, three rubbaducks (one from krissy), a fish, a painting of clown fish, one of my finished cross-stitches, the pen to to my wacom tablet, a lizard in a santa hat, a bear from mel, a meowing cat, and an incense burner.
below that is a box of computer disks and documentation, a thing of cds, and my sandisk card reader.
in front of that is:
my wacom tablet with the mouse on it, my camera case, some post-its
to the left is:
my keyboard, a gel wrist rest, my digital camera, scotch tape, a highlighter, two sharpies.
above that:
a little drawer thing underneath the top sheft with i-zone pictures of my pets stuck to it.
on the shelf:
my moniter, four things of different colored silly putty, a pencil case, mickey mouse, koala gigapet, my speakers, a dinosaur in an egg, my pet rock.
to the left, underneath the shelf:
“I, Rigoberta Menchu”, websites notebook, lined paper, misc. papers, mla book, letters and postcards from friends, cds, “writing papers”, more tape, ti-86 calculator, computer repair kit, some pens.
first shelf:
duck note paper holder, various ducks and turtles, disks, cd cases, junk
top of shelf:
jurassic park 3 water bottle, whoooooooole lotta ducks, two bows i made, cd-rs, harry potter mug
below the desk:
the tower, power strip, subwoofer, cords, usb hub

6. You’re having a dinner party with 6 well-known, currently living people. Who do you invite?

oded fehr, j.k. rowling, drew barrymore, anne rice, stephen jay gould, emma watson

7. Name an article of clothing or an accessory that you don’t have but would like to own.

some pants that actually fit right

8. Name 3 things you’d like to do in this lifetime but haven’t yet.

get a doctorate, publish a book, become famous (in that order would be okay)

9. If you could return to life (after death) as an adult, retaining the knowledge you gained in this lifetime, and you could choose a different locale and era, where and when would that be?

on first though it’d say medieval times or ancient egypt, but i don’t know that i could live without modern plumbing, knowing what it was.
so the ’20s would be fun.

10. Who cooked the best breakfast you ever had? What was it?

umm…i don’t know. i had eggs and toast this morning.

11. Where do you go to meditate and think?

the computer

12. Share a lesson you’ve learned.

it’s best to know a person in “real-life” before moving in with them

13. What does your favorite pair of shoes look like?

my purple birks

14. If you could commit one crime – one free crime, no consequences – what would it be?

robbing a bank

15. Do you believe in Heaven? Even if you don’t, if you could design it, what would it look like?

i like to. i guess sort of like this world.

16. Tell me about someone I probably don’t know about.

he was 4 years older, had long dark blonde hair, drove a motorcycle, and had dropped out of high school (the guy i lost my virginity to)

17. What are the things you like best about your life RIGHT NOW?

my grades, the people i know online, my books, my family, my cat!

18. What would you like to be doing with your life 5 years from now?

getting a doctorate. being famous.

19. Go for a mental walk and pick up 5 imaginary objects. What did you get?

a fuzzy doodle (dandelion puff), a squirrel, a $100 bill, a husband, and some leaves

20. If I ask you to build something, what’s the first thing that came to your mind?

a car