I’m trying to decide what

I’m trying to decide what to use my $25 amazon gift certificate for. I wish I could use them for the used books. I also wish they had descriptions and reviews for some of the books!

I need to file for unemployment. Maybe tonight after Survivor.

I’ve been productive the past two days, unfortunately not on the things I should be productive on (schoolwork).
I redesigned iwantanewduck.com and took pictures of my new ducks. didn’t add them yet though. i’m also working on the gallery for mysticalcreatures.org. and i upgraded the three sites that i have moveable type on to 2.0. plus lots of cross-stitch work done.

i have a biology lab exam monday. there’s too much info to study! I almost wish I wasn’t getting such good grades this semester (almost, I said). Since I’ve been getting 99s and 101s, and 106s on tests, Bs and low As dissapoint me. I must stay at the top of the class! Which means I have to study a lot more than if I was just trying to pass the class. And it’s silly, since no one but me will know that my A was a 106% instead of 91%. I’m putting too much pressure on myself. If only this desire to be the best was motivating me more to work on my papers or read the textbooks.

Yea! No class tomorrow!

80s music really makes me happy.