arggggggggggggg! i know i’ve posted


i know i’ve posted too many stories about people against harry potter, but i had to post another. this one is so inaccurate! it says the sorceror’s stone is the second book! secondly, it states that she made up the hippogryph. not so! many of my books mention it that were written before harry potter. and it talks like she’s the only person who ever wrote about the unicorn and phoenix since that book they compare it too was written. not to mention that druids weren’t satanists! satanism is a recent invention! note that it mentions rowling uses vivid colors that are from a satanic druid religion and in another article says that they’re green, aquamine, red, yellow, orange, purple, etc.
i’d really like to smack people like that upside the head.
and what’s up with that pokemon article that’s linked at the bottom?