adrienne just called me. she’s

adrienne just called me. she’s home from spring break this week…till sunday. so i told her i could do something thursday (i work tomorrow night). i should have said though that i can only do something till 8. oh well. 2-8 is still a good amount of time. we’ll go to the mall for part of it. i’m getting a new cell phone plan there. one with free nationwide long distance! i can call people now. friday is my mom’s birthday and we (brother and his family and i and dad) are taking her out to eat. then i might need to go into work at 8:30 to help close. saturday i work 3-9:30 and sunday cliff and i are going to the state museum (a rather dinky little thing). i’ve become so possessive my free time that my first thought is “i don’t want to go out thursday! that’s my only day that i have nothing i have to do!”. but then i think, ok, what am i going to end up doing thursday? being on the computer or working on cross-stitch. are they really more important that seeing my one remaining local friend for the first time in like 7 months? not really. and it’s one thing to go to the mall with cliff, it’s another to go with another girl and be able to go look in clothing stores.