help. i need the mla

help. i need the mla format for a periodical in the bibliography.

no, i haven’t finished my paper and am onto the bibliography. i’m just procrastinating on writing the actual paper. i’ve been home for 2.5 hours and all i’ve typed are two quotes to be woven into paragraphs. i used a microfilm machine for the first time today in the school library. wow.

speaking of today, Sara called last night while i was working and said she couldn’t come in tonight. i had originally switched days with her. she was supposed to work yesterday and i was supposed to work today. but she said she has to do some shadowing for her new job (she gave her 2 week notice on monday). so i left joe a note saying basically (but in nicer terms) “don’t even bother to call me because there ain’t no way i’m coming in”. i have today to write my paper. the rest of the weekend is taken up by other schoolwork and work. plus a little time to actually get out and do something saturday evening. and the store’s lease has been extended to march 11. sara was the 3rd key. he has to hire a new one. who’s going to want to work someplace 3 weeks? they’ll probably have to send a field supervisor in.