stupid HACC. I called the

stupid HACC.
I called the distance education office Friday since my information packet containing my class syllabus had not come yet. So they mailed it out and it got here today. Turns out that I have a lab tomorrow, in addition to the orientation. The orientation, which I saw online, is from 5-6. The lab is from 7-10. Which in itself is strange. There’s an hour between. What am I supposed to do for an hour? I haven’t done anything for the course yet, because I haven’t had the syllabus. So I won’t be prepared for the lab tomorrow (although I’m not sure there’s much preparing…it’s on topographic maps. easy.) Also, the packet says that the telecourse guide is required. The bookstore says it’s optional. So I didn’t buy it. I don’t know if I’m going to buy it or not. I guess I’ll find out wednesday if I should. I’d have time to buy it after orientation. If there’s any left. None of this is really going to cause a problem for me, but it could have. And it might for other people. Say you have a kid. You don’t get the info in the mail, but they tell you (like they did me) when you call about it that the orientation is 5-6. Nothing about lab. So you get someone to watch your kid. Then you find out that you have a mandatory lab also that day that you can’t make up. Hopefully you have a cell phone or some change to use a payphone to call and say you’re not going to be until 10:30. But what if that person can’t stay that late? You see, not making sure that everyone gets the information packet could cause all sorts of problem. What if I had told my work I could come in after orientation? I didn’t, of course. But I would have been very upset tomorrow when I learned that I had to stay there until 10 if I thought I was leaving at 6 anyway. This still rather sucks because I thought I’d have tomorrow evening free. But I have to read my assignment for Thursday tonight after I get home at 9 because I’ll be ready for bed by the time I get home tomorrow night. I work Thursday and Friday 3:00 – 9:30. I’m really hoping that I don’t have much to read for my friday classes. I had been going to read them Wednesday night. But I’ll have to find some time Thursday to do it.