Classes today were rather…sucky. My

Classes today were rather…sucky.
My Phil of Sci prof told me to look at this newspaper and then had me hold it up for everyone to look at. I was like, wtf? He had us put our chairs in a circle in the beginning of class. Then he kept us until 10:56. Class is supposed to be over at 10:50. My next class was at 11, in a different building. My bio class, in which last class there was not enough spots at the tables to sit. I was getting very pissed off and anxious those last few minutes of class. I barely made it to class on time. Someone was sitting where I had sat Friday. There was another seat at the same table, opposite site, one seat further to the back. I had sat at the end of the table Friday. I get claustrophobic sometimes. But I had to sit between two guys today. On Friday, a nice looking girl who I was hoping to get to know sat in the seat to the right of where I was today. Today a really nasty guy was sitting there. Some of his fingernails were long, some were short (I cannot stand guys with long nails). He was wearing an ugly fake jersey with food(?) stains on it. He had a large pot belly, although the rest of him wasn’t heavy. He was writing with a brown pen. Not brown ink, brown outer covering. He looked about 18-19. I was totally revolted by him.
After Bio class I went to the cafeteria. I got a Coke and a piece of pizza. There was no empty tables. All of them are the round 6 person kind. So I had to find a nice person to sit with. I did, a woman a little older than me. We didn’t say much, just commented on the lack of good food. My pizza was on the cold side. Now, I like cold pizza. But this was in the stage between warm and cold.
Then it was back to bio for lab. The teacher went too fast. I felt lost. I couldn’t find things in the microscope and draw them before she moved on to something else. I was so totally stressed out by the time I was home.