As part of my application

As part of my application to Lehigh University, I have to write a personal statement on why I left my previous schools and why I want to attend lehigh.
Can you tell me if it’s okay, or what I should do to improve it?
It’s not to be too long, as there’s only about a 3/4 of a page to write it in.

I’ve attended two colleges: Rochester Institute of Technology and Harrisburg Area Community College. I attended RIT the fall after high school. I applied to the Computer Science degree but there was no available space in that major. I was able to get in under the undeclared major. As part of that major, I was required to attend a course title “Career Decision Seminar”. Taking this course left me questioning what I truly wanted to major in. I left RIT after the first quarter so that I would have some time to figure out what I wanted to major in.
In the summer of 2000 I began attending Harrisburg Area Community College. I was working full-time at Merck-Medco at this time and was only able to take classes part-time. I selected the Life Sciences Transfer A.A. degree, intending on transferring to another school for a geology degree. Before fall semester started that year, I changed my major to the Web Developer A.A. degree program. I had been designing websites for about 4 years at that time; it was what I did in most of my spare time. I realized towards the end of the Fall 2001 semester that a hobby was all that web design was to me. I didn’t want to have a career in it. I was denying myself of what I wanted most: a degree in the sciences. More specifically, I want a degree in geology with eventual work in paleobiology.
This semester I began taking courses full-time again and wish to transfer in the fall of 2002. I chose Lehigh University because of its strong academic and research aspects. I know that this university will help make possible the fulfillment of my dreams.