woah. i just realized that

woah. i just realized that at the hacc bookstore site i can reserve my books for next semester. which means i get to know what they are!

for my arthurian english class i’ll be reading:
idylls of the king
lais of marie de france
le morte d’arthur
medieval romances
the once and future king

and one book for my anthropology class we have at work. i must go over tomorrow and get it, if it’s still there. we only had one copy. i so want to run back to the store right now and put it back (it’s now 9:44 and i just closed the store at 6 pm). and the cool thing is, i *could* go back to the store. hehe.

my books are going to cost $520.90! and that’s with used versions for the available ones. all my classes require at least 3 books, two of them 4. i’m not used to that.

but after i stop by work tomorrow i’m going to reserve the books and still go on jan 2 to pick them up in case they try to give me yucky looking used books when there are other better ones. two of the english books are unavailable though. but i’m sure i can get them at a bookstore.