um fuck? i just checked

um fuck?

i just checked my internet class site. it uses a private mail system. there was an email there from the prof. with the final exam. he said to turn it in by dec 15. i thought the semester was over on the 12th. i checked on friday morning before work to see if he said anything about my project. i just assumed that there was no final exam since there was no email about it by the 12th. he didn’t send the email till 4 pm friday. if he had sent it early, i would have gotten it. if he didn’t insist on using that stupid private mail which i always forget about i would have gotten it. i would have done it had i gotten it. but now it’s the 19th and i just looked on the school’s site and final grades were due yesterday. so i’m fucked. i’ll probably end up with a bad grade in that class now. great. this really sucks.